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Regulation Changes

Proposed changes to the Water and Wastewater Operator Certification and Training regulations (18 AAC 74) became effective November 21, 2010. Click here to download a copy of the new regulations. The proposed changes accomplish the following:

A. Allowing exams at the next level: Operators are allowed to take exams at the next level prior to meeting the education and experience requirements for the higher level of certification. For example, an operator with a level 2 water treatment certificate can take the level 3 water treatment exam before meeting the eligibility requirements for level 3 certification. When an operator passes the higher level exam, the department holds the results for as long as the lower level certificate is active. The operator can apply to upgrade the certificate once the education and experience requirements are met for the higher level.

B. Wastewater stabilization pond certification: The changes introduce a new wastewater stabilization pond classification and corresponding level of certification. Existing wastewater treatment systems consisting of wastewater stabilization ponds (lagoons) without aeration are now classified as wastewater stabilization pond systems. The corresponding certification targets the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to operate systems of this type.

C. Classifying transient non-community systems based on complexity: Regulations now require that transient non-community surface water systems be classified according to a point rating system if complex treatment in use.

D. Requiring certification for large transient non-community groundwater systems: Regulations require certified operators at large (>500 population) transient non-community water systems using groundwater and where complex treatment is in use.

E. Two new fees: Two new fees are in effect. The first fee is an online exam fee, which is set at $40. The second fee is an online renewal fee, which is set at $35.

F. Change to the "experience for education" substitution: The "experience for education" substitution for level 4 water treatment and wastewater treatment certification is modified in the new regulations. The change allows operators to substitute a maximum of four years of excess experience for two years of education.

G. Changes to the system classification point rating system: Minor modifications were made to the system classification point rating system.

Questions regarding the recent changes can be emailed to dec.water.fco.opcert@alaska.gov. You can contact the Operator Certification Program at 465-1139.

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